Taisho University will hold the 2022th “High School and University Connection Forum” on Saturday, September 9, 17 from 14:7.The theme is "I understand again! !New Courses of Study and the Essence of Educational DX”-Transformation of “academic ability”.It will be held at Taisho University Sugamo Campus Building 8 Learning Commons, and online participation is also possible.

 Young people in the future will be required to survive vigorously in an unpredictable era amidst rapid technological innovation and dramatic changes in the social environment.All educational settings need to nurture them so that they can discover and solve problems that are not bound by conventional preconceived notions, and that they can create new social value and knowledge value.

 Although the “New Course of Study” has such a background of issues, it is difficult to say that the content and the essence of “educational DX” are necessarily understood.Therefore, in this forum, industry, government and academia will work together to share information on the current situation with keywords such as "new curriculum guidelines", "educational DX", "inquiry learning", and "STEAM education", while approaching the essence of the above. , seeks a new way of “academic ability”.

 The main contents are as follows.Applicants must apply by 2022:9 on Thursday, September 15, 17.

■ “Future education image by “DX thinking method””
 Keita Nishiyama, Visiting Professor, Future Vision Research Center, The University of Tokyo, Senior Executive Fellow, Management Co-Creation Platform Co., Ltd.

■ "What is the curriculum, classes, and learning that make full use of the new Courses of Study?"
 Mr. Tetsuo Goda, Deputy Director-General, Science, Technology and Innovation Promotion Secretariat, Cabinet Office

■ "STEAM education that nurtures students who can continue to learn"
 Seitoku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Teacher Director of School Reform Headquarters Mr. Ken Shinada

■ "Concept-based learning that bridges inquiry learning and subject learning"
 Hiroaki Sato, Associate Professor, Department of Education and Learning Support, Organization for Promotion of General Education, Osaka University, Visiting Professor, Taisho University

■Symposium "Education and society to reconsider academic ability with multi-layered structure"
 Panelists The above speakers + Mr. Tomozumi Kandachi, Vice President of Taisho University

Reference: [Taisho University] The 9th “High School and University Connection Forum” held on Saturday, September 17 

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