Cloud services that are rapidly becoming widespread in recent years.It is a service that provides data and software that users have managed and used on their own computers via a network.Cloud services have various merits such as operational efficiency and cost reduction, and are used in various business scenes from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises.However, due to its ease of use, it is introduced arbitrarily for each user department without being managed or controlled by the IT department, and as a result, there is a risk that the operational load and cost of the entire company will increase without cooperation with other departments. Is regarded as a problem.Furthermore, the business of companies that use cloud services is changing day by day, and the "cloud" that keeps up with changing business needs, simultaneously meets many purposes such as service levels, costs, and security policies, and is continuously configured. "Optimization" is required.

Professor Masaharu Asa, Information Infrastructure Center, Hokkaido University, Katsuyoshi Miura, Lecturer, Information Processing Center, Kitami Institute of Technology, SCSK Corporation (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshio Osawa, hereinafter SCSK) said, "Multipurpose optimal for intercloud. Announced that industry-academia joint research on "Continuous optimal placement of IT services using the transformation method" will start in September 2015.Intercloud refers to the combination of a public cloud as a commercial service and a private cloud built for the company by a company.

At Kitami Institute of Technology, Kitami Institute of Technology conducted research such as "optimization of multipurpose resource allocation of IT systems using genetic algorithms" and "explanation of abstract system configuration description and broking method in intercloud". I am.In this joint research, we will combine these academic research conducted by Kitami Institute of Technology and Kitami Institute of Technology with the knowledge of SCSK, which has a track record of developing and providing hybrid cloud control software and many cloud services, to "continue" cloud services. We are aiming for the practical application of "optimization service".

Source:[SCSK Corporation] Hokkaido University, Kitami Institute of Technology, SCSK "Cloud Optimization" industry-academia joint research started

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