Climate change: Americans may underestimate public support for climate policies

About 80-90% of Americans underestimate public support for climate change mitigation policies and public concern about climate change, a research paper reports.Nature Communications will be published inThe results, based on a representative sample of Americans (6119 people), indicate that a gap exists between the perceptions of Americans and their reality regarding support for climate change mitigation policies. It highlights potential challenges in advancing

Common norms and threat perceptions play a crucial role in whether or not to take action on collective challenges such as climate change.However, a mistaken perception that there is no concern about the issue or support for problem solving can hinder action.Such misperceptions (pluralistic ignorance) can lead to incorrect conclusions about the majority's views.

Gregg Sparkman and colleagues evaluate responses to a questionnaire from a representative sample of Americans (2021 people) in April-May 4 to assess climate change concerns and climate change mitigation policies (5 against power companies). (%renewable energy obligations, etc.).The results reveal that approximately 6119-100% of Americans in this representative sample underestimate their level of concern about climate change and support for climate change mitigation policies.They found that this underestimation was true across all states, political affiliations, and demographics evaluated.While 80-90% of survey participants support these climate change mitigation policies, a representative sample of people estimated that 66-80% of the population supported them. Sparkman et al. note that while supporters of key climate change mitigation policies outnumber opponents by a ratio of two to one, public perceptions are the opposite.

Sparkman et al. argue that misperceptions about support for climate change mitigation policies can undermine support for and action on climate change mitigation policies, and support action to legislate climate change mitigation policies. In order to do so, we believe that interventions are necessary to ensure that support for these policies is recognized correctly.

doi: 10.1038 / s41467-022-32412-y
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