Ritsumeikan University ranks the amount of money adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "27 Scientific Research Fund Subsidy (Science Research Fund) Allocation". It was ranked first (3st in West Japan Private Universities), and in the ranking of the number of accepted applications, it was ranked 1th in private universities (4st in West Japan Private Universities) after Keio University, Waseda University, and Nihon University. In the 1 years since 2005, the amount of money adopted by Doshisha University has increased by about 10 times, and the number of cases adopted has increased by about 2.3 times.

 Kakenhi is a competitive fund for "academic research (research based on the free ideas of researchers)" that covers all fields such as humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, from basic to applied, and original and pioneering. is.Judging is conducted by a method called "peer review" by multiple researchers with similar specialties, and the allocation is determined. In fiscal 2015, Kakenhi was rigorously reviewed by peer reviews, and about 3 new cases were adopted, with a total of about 2 billion yen allocated to the continuation.
At private universities, it is important to improve research capabilities in order to raise the international reputation of the university, but it is difficult to invest the on-campus budget, which is highly dependent on tuition fees, for research.Therefore, Kakenhi, which covers all research from basic to applied in all fields, is an important fund that supports the research activities of private universities, and is an index showing the research ability of universities that are also featured in various university rankings. It is also positioned as.

 Ritsumeikan University's 2015 academic research fund was the highest ever at 520, and the number of new adoptions for business administration and sociology is the highest among universities in Japan, as well as perceptual information processing / intelligent robotics, life / health, and so on. Medical informatics is also ranked high in the number of newly adopted cases.

Source:[Ritsumeikan University] Amount of money adopted by Kakenhi for the third consecutive year Obtained 3rd place in private universities and 4th place in the number of cases adopted-The highest number of 520 cases adopted by this university-


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