From September 2022, 9, Meiji University's Faculty of Information and Communication, with the cooperation of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., started a regular course "internship" to learn digital marketing through practice.

 In recent years, internships have become a part of recruitment screening, and it is common for third-year undergraduates, who are about to start job hunting, to participate in internships.On the other hand, the number of internships as a place of work experience that is not premised on recruitment selection is decreasing.

 According to Associate Professor Takayuki Yokota (Chief of General Education) of the Faculty of Information and Communication, the third-year regular class "Internship" has been used to provide students with background knowledge and self-analysis methods before and after participating in an internship. However, the content of the new regular course "Internship" has been renewed.Employees engaged in digital marketing at Toppan Printing's Information Communication Business Headquarters will be invited as lecturers to learn cutting-edge digital marketing theory and group discussions on practical themes will be held over seven weeks in collaboration with industry and academia.Several Toppan Printing employees will be dispatched to serve as instructors for each theme each week, allowing students to experience the diverse careers and values ​​of multiple working people in class.

 Associate Professor Yokota says, "Students will proactively work on solving problems through practical lectures given by lecturers who are active in companies that lead the information society. By setting up a forum for dialogue with the employees who served as instructors, we aim to cultivate a work ethic through dialogue.”

Reference: [Meiji University] Work experience in class Start of industry-academia collaboration class with Toppan Printing Meiji University Faculty of Information and Communication

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