"Meiji University Research and Intellectual Property Strategy Institute Civil Society and Science and Technology Policy Research (POLARIS)" headed by Professor Tadahiro Katsuta of the Faculty of Law of Meiji University and the internal research unit POLARIS-DUT , published the research report (public version) of "Dual-use technology hidden in civilian technology: survey of current situation and technical verification" on the website of the research institute.

 In the research report, we conducted a survey of the current situation and technical verification of "dual-use technology" in civilian technology that is familiar to citizens' lives, and presented ways to understand and coexist with "dual-use technology".This research was supported by the 2021 Science and Technology Research Grant from the New Technology Shinko Watanabe Memorial Foundation.

 “Dual-use technology” refers to technology that can be used for both peaceful and military purposes in politics, diplomacy, and export control.In the awareness survey, we interviewed experts and practitioners in each field about their understanding and awareness of "dual-use technology."The results were categorized using text mining, visualized using a word cloud, and graphed to show the strength and familiarity of the military-civilian ratio. It became clear that

 In addition, in order to compensate for individual differences and ambiguity in recognition of "dual-use technology", familiar technologies used by both military and civilian (thermal cameras, computers, home game consoles, smartphones, consumer drones, Gore-Tex) are introduced. We conducted "technical verification" and "demonstration experiments" on the subject, and clarified the individual issues in each technology.In addition, during the critical situation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 2022, 2, the heavy use of “dual-use technology” (civilian technology) by the Ukrainian military and civilians has been identified.Although it was not included in the original research plan, it is mentioned as an important reference example that shows the foresight and necessity of this research.

 Professor Katsuta's research group looks at the problems in Ukraine based on the issues obtained in this research, especially the understanding of technology and regulations, and reconsiders the regulations on Japanese technology and changes the awareness of dual-use technology. pointed out that it is an urgent matter.Rather than demanding and forcing clear standards and regulations for technology, the direction Japan should aim for is to be able to fully accept the risks and benefits that technology brings by shortening the distance and understanding of technology. He suggested that it is in the construction of a social environment.

Reference: [Meiji University] Meiji University POLARIS (Civil Society and Science and Technology Policy Research Institute) has released a research report on its website titled “Dual-use technology hidden in civilian technology: Current status survey and technical verification”. 

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