From September 2022, 9, Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology will hold a workshop and tutorial on quantum computing "Quantum Computing for You (QC9U)" online.The target is high school students, university students, graduate students, technical college students, and working adults nationwide.There is no membership fee.

 In 2021, Quantum Annealing for You (QA4U) was held as a workshop/tutorial on solving combinatorial optimization problems using quantum annealing.Entitled "Quantum Computing for You (QC4U)", this time, students will challenge the gate method of quantum computers and learn programming techniques to freely manipulate quantum computers that are being developed all over the world.

 The workshop will be divided into three periods: "class period", "exercise period", and "graduation exam period", and everyone will think about what they can do by touching quantum computers. During the "class period" in September, three times on September 3th, 9th and 9nd, Professor Masayuki Ozeki of Tohoku University will deliver online how to touch quantum computers on YouTube.Respond to questions and comments in real time.The contents are arranged for high school students, so even beginners can come into contact with quantum mechanics and quantum computers.It will also be a valuable opportunity for participants to deepen exchanges with people of various ages and backgrounds.

 Based on what they have learned during the class period, they will aim to create a quantum computer application during the "exercise period" in October.Participants form teams of their choice and use their own PCs from home or school to create quantum applications while holding planning meetings and programming with distant colleagues.It will also collaborate with the "Quantum Computing EXPO" scheduled to be held in October.

 After the class period and practice period, during the "graduation exam period" in November, we will create applications and services that make full use of quantum computers as much as possible.After presenting the finished product, we received evaluations from various people, including academics and people with experience in business development at companies, and conducted a graduation examination.If you pass the graduation exam, you will have the opportunity to present at events held by partner companies consisting of Tohoku University and joint research courses.We also support the search for partners for commercialization and monetization.

 Those who wish to participate must apply by filling out the special form by 9:8 on Thursday, September 12th.

Reference: [Tohoku University Knowledge Forum] Quantum Computing for You (QC4U)

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