The Open Innovation Promotion No. 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Association (AOI No. 1 Fund*) operated by the University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development Co., Ltd. (The University of Tokyo IPC) has invested in SIGNATE Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Extension Co., Ltd. announced that

 The Japanese government has set a policy goal of “cultivating 5 million digital human resources in five years” (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Toward the development and securing of digital human resources”), and the development of digital human resources is an urgent task for Japanese society. It's becomingThe University of Tokyo IPC is a venture company that aims to solve the social problem of "shortage of people" in DX. Invested 230 million yen.Supporting various industry-academia collaborations and working on the issue of digital human resource development.

 The University of Tokyo Extension Co., Ltd., which announced a collaboration with SIGNATE this time, is a company wholly owned by the University of Tokyo.As the first recurrent education, in April 100, we opened a data science school to develop human resources who will be responsible for realizing the super smart society "Society 1" brought about by big data, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, etc. .

 Through collaboration, SIGNATE and the University of Tokyo Extension will strengthen support for training data scientists based on the common philosophy of resolving the shortage of AI/data utilization human resources that hinder the promotion of data science in Japanese society.By adding "SIGNATE Cloud", which thoroughly pursues the acquisition of practical business skills, to the educational program created at the University of Tokyo, we aim to provide a practical curriculum through industry-academia collaboration.

* AOI No. 1 Fund was established in 2020 with the aim of promoting open innovation activities around the University of Tokyo with the concept of "fostering and investing in ventures through collaboration between companies and academia."We aim to create successful examples of open innovation in new fields through the establishment of new companies in collaboration with leading companies in each industry, carve-out ventures, and pre-seed development investments in collaboration with operating companies.

Reference: [University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform Development Co., Ltd.] SIGNATE, an investee of the University of Tokyo IPC, and the University of Tokyo Extension collaborate to strengthen the data scientist training curriculum 

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