On August 2022, 8, seven students met with President Keiko Tomita at Tokiwa University. Students who will be sent to overseas universities as exchange students from the fall semester of 3 will finally be able to study abroad after a six-month to two-year postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 Chiho Maejima (4th year, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Communication) will be dispatched as exchange students to Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in Thailand, and Yukiko Takada (2nd year, Department of Communication, Faculty of Human Sciences) will be sent to The Catholic University of Korea in Daegu. ) and Miyu Komatsu (2nd year, Department of Communication, Faculty of Human Sciences). Yuka Nakamura (Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Communication Studies, 2021th year) and Ms. Kina Kanezuka (Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Communication Studies, 4rd year) will join the University of Gdansk in Poland, which has newly signed a partnership agreement in 3.Akane Suda (4th year, Department of Communication, Faculty of Human Sciences) and Kaiki Fujita (4th year, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Policy Management) will be dispatched to Langara College in Canada.Students study abroad with goals such as "I want to be an English teacher," "I want to be a Japanese teacher," "I want to find a job in South Korea," and "I want to research local childcare support measures and women's employment conditions."

 One of the exchange students, Ms. Yuka Nakamura, is a student selected for the 14th period of the “Tobitate! He plans to study abroad at Daegu Catholic University. With the theme of "English education that leaves no one behind", she experiences the position of both a student and a teacher through her studies and volunteer activities at each school and university, and learns about English education in each country.Kaiki Fujita is a student selected for the 12th term of "Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN".Through volunteer activities at a local elderly facility, he learns how to support the elderly using AI and IT technology.

 President Tomita praised the courage of the students who made the big life choice of studying abroad and gave them two pieces of advice. The first is "too much embarrassment". If you work hard with a positive mindset of “I should study and acquire what I don’t know”, it will accumulate and what I have learned will be absorbed into myself and will lead to confidence. The second is to act with the awareness that you are one of the representatives of Japan.Each action becomes shame and pride.When asked about Japan, I advised him to learn about Japan so that he could express his own opinions.

 Each student's study abroad report is scheduled to be published on the university's website only within the university.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Exchange students from the 2022 fall semester met with the president before departure

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