On August 2022, 8, Fujita Health University concluded a basic agreement with the Ministry of Health of Rwanda in Africa for the purpose of providing technical support for nuclear medicine examinations and treatments and developing medical personnel.In the future, I will support the establishment of a cancer center planned in Rwanda with both technical and human resources, and devote myself to the development of cancer medicine and the extension of healthy life expectancy.

 According to Fujita Health University, the signing ceremony of the basic agreement was held online in the presence of Masahiro Imai, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda.・He was attended by Minister of Health Ngamije and Advisor to Minister Nicole Jabot.In this, President Yuzawa said, "I want to deepen the bond between our two countries and contribute to the health promotion of Rwanda's people," and Minister of Health Ngamije said, "This signing will mark the historic beginning of cancer treatment in Rwanda."

 The basic agreement will promote scientific cooperation between the two sides and strengthen medical research and education.Rwanda is a landlocked country right on the equator in East Africa, with a population of about 1.5 million people living in an area about 1,300 times the size of Shikoku.While the country has achieved remarkable economic growth thanks to the development of the information and communication technology industry, there is a serious shortage of medical resources, and there is not a single nuclear medicine facility that is essential for early detection of cancer.About 6,000 people die from cancer each year, and the Rwandan government has formulated a five-year plan for cancer control in 2020 and is hastening to build an early detection system.

reference:[Fujita Health University] Fujita Health University concludes an MOU with the Republic of Rwanda

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