In collaboration with the University of Tsukuba Physical Education, Tanita Corporation has developed a prototype model of the measuring device "BM-220" that allows anyone to easily check the state of motor functions such as leg strength and balance ability.

 According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is known that fractures / falls and joint diseases caused by deterioration of leg muscle strength and balance ability account for more than 2% of the causes requiring nursing care.In order to prevent it, it is important to correctly grasp the state of one's muscle mass and motor function, and to improve it by diet, exercise, rehabilitation, etc.The measuring device "BM-220" was developed for the purpose of preventing fractures / falls and the onset of joint diseases that cause long-term care, and measures the three items of "power", "speed", and "balance" when standing up from a chair. Evaluate.This makes it possible to check early signs of fractures / falls and the onset of joint diseases.

 The measurement method is to put your foot on the main body of "BM-220" while sitting on a chair, and just step on and stand up, the speed and power when standing up, the speed of moving the center of gravity after standing up, until the center of gravity stabilizes. Time is measured.The measured data is transferred to a computer or tablet terminal with a USB cable and analyzed with a dedicated application.

 Tanita has been conducting a "free monitor recruitment" since September 220, 2015, in order to collect the needs of various sites toward the commercialization of "BM-9".Applications are accepted on Tanita's website, and the loan period is three months.We aim to commercialize it as soon as possible through monitoring at medical institutions, facilities for the elderly, and long-term care prevention classes.

Source:[Tanita Corporation] Healthy life starting from the legs-Develop a prototype model of "BM-220" for care prevention medical institutions and facilities for the elderly by easily checking the state of motor function


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