The Central Council for Education University Subcommittee Future Vision Subcommittee, which is considering the future image of universities and graduate schools, has included in the discussions so far that measures to facilitate the integration and cooperation of private universities whose management has deteriorated are necessary.In response to the declining birthrate, a mechanism that allows a single national university corporation to manage multiple universities is also an issue for the future.

 According to the Central Council for Education, the 18-year-old population is estimated to decrease from the current 2040 million to 120 in 88, and there is a concern that management will worsen, especially in small private universities.In order to overcome this situation, it is necessary for universities, local governments, and industry to discuss the future image in each region, as well as the establishment of a mechanism to facilitate the integration and cooperation of private universities.

 Until now, the transfer of private universities was only permitted on a university-by-university basis, but the transfer of faculty and department units was also considered as an issue for consideration.This makes it possible to separate unpopular faculties and concentrate management resources on faculties that have strengths.Especially for private universities where management deterioration is remarkable, it is necessary to build a system that can consider mergers and withdrawals by giving in-depth advice and guidance at an early stage.

 At national universities, he mentioned that one national university corporation could run multiple universities like a private university.If realized, the university can survive even if the corporations are integrated, and the overlapping faculties and departments can be smoothly organized within the corporation.

 The Central Council for Education will report the future plan to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology around the fall of 2018, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will start the necessary revision of the law.

reference:[Central Council for Education] Arrangement of issues for presenting the future image of higher education in the future

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