The Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University will co-sponsor the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to hold the "JAXA Town Meeting" from 2015:10 on October 17, 14, "Let's talk about space in Shinshu."The capacity is 00 people, and the target is high school students and above.It is a free participation that does not require prior application, and the participation fee is free.

 At the town meeting, Mr. Ryoo Akutsu (JAXA Public Relations Department, Press and Media Section Manager) will serve as the progress coordinator, and Mr. Kazuyoshi Kawasaki (JAXA Space Exploration Innovation Hub Planning Manager) and Mr. Yutaka Kaneko (JAXA First Space Technology Division Earth Observation Research Center) The two speakers (Planning Manager) will each provide a topic and exchange opinions.

 The topic provided by Mr. Kawasaki is "The dawn of a new era of space exploration and the challenges of JAXA."In the world, we will discuss what kind of discussion is being held about space exploration and how Japan is trying to tackle it.The topic from Mr. Kaneko is "artificial satellites that are useful to society." In addition to earth observation satellites such as "DAICHI-2014" launched in May 5, we will introduce examples of how artificial satellites such as communication satellites and positioning satellites are being used. Discuss the possibilities.

 On the day of the town meeting, we will also accept opinions and suggestions from participants on the following three themes.
① How do you think Japan should tackle space exploration?
② What kind of artificial satellite do you think you need?
③ What kind of aircraft technology development do you think is necessary?

 The venue for the town meeting is the seminar space on the 2nd floor of the International Science Innovation Center, Nagano (Engineering) Campus, Shinshu University.

Source:[Shinshu University] "Let's talk about space in Shinshu" "JAXA Town Meeting" in Shinshu University held

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