Professor Yasufumi Sakakibara of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University and the research group of the Faculty of Medicine have developed the first artificial intelligence program in Japan to automatically answer some of the national doctor's exams in collaboration with the Kano Laboratory of the Faculty of Informatics of Shizuoka University. The results were announced at the Information Science and Technology Forum FIT2015.

 In recent years, while medical / health information such as electronic medical records and medication history has been rapidly digitized, most of the analysis methods are to grasp the patient's condition from big data of medical / health information and make accurate decisions necessary for medical treatment. The current situation is that there is no such thing.Therefore, it is expected that artificial intelligence will read patient information from medical data such as electronic medical records and build a "medical care support system" that supports medical care by doctors.The final goal of this research was to build this medical care support system, and it was positioned as a preliminary research.

 In the research, an artificial intelligence program that can answer clinical practical questions (question sentences are given patient information and test results, and an appropriate answer is selected from multiple options) that is often asked in the national examination for doctors. Was developed.As a result of answering 27 clinical practice questions that were asked in the past national examination for medical practitioners, the correct answer rate of the developed program was 42.6%, which is higher than the correct answer rate of 19.6% for random answers.If a large amount of teacher data can be prepared, it is thought that an answering machine that will lead to a correct answer rate of about 60%, which is the pass judgment standard for the national examination for medical practitioners, can be completed within a few years.

 In the future, it is expected that the development of artificial intelligence that answers this national examination for medical practitioners will progress in earnest, leading to the development of a "medical care support system" that analyzes vast amounts of medical data.

Source:[Keio University] Developed an artificial intelligence program to answer national examination questions for doctors-Expected to put into practical use a medical care support system that utilizes big data of medical information-


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