Kojimachi Gakuen Women's Junior and Senior High School currently has high school-university partnership agreements with six universities (Toyo University, Tokyo Women's University, Kyoritsu Women's University, Kagawa Nutrition University, Seijo University, and Japan Women's University).This summer, as part of the collaborative activities of the agreement, we held a "Campus Visit" to Seijo University, Japan Women's University, and Tokyo Women's University for students and their parents.

 Kojimachi Gakuen Girls' Junior and Senior High School has quickly established a "high school-university collaboration system" that allows students with "high learning motivation", "clear sense of purpose for learning" and "a certain level of academic ability" to smoothly advance to their first-choice university. It's here. Rather than choosing a university for superficial reasons such as "good image" or "easy to commute", we aim to encourage students to enter a university with a "clear sense of purpose for learning", starting with campus visits. We provide many opportunities for understanding.Through mutual exchanges and collaboration, students who have decided that a partner university is their first choice will be able to go on to higher education if they meet certain criteria set by each university.

 Campus visits were held at Seijo University on August 8th, at Japan Women's University on August 6th, and at Tokyo Women's University on August 8th.At Tokyo Women's Christian University, she took a mock class in the Department of International English, where she learned the joy of looking at the background culture, etc. under the theme of "What can be seen from translation."

 Participating students commented, "Hearing a lot of stories from current university students gave me an idea of ​​what life and learning at university is like." I was impressed by the story of how I was going to study at the university.

Reference: [@Press] Deepening collaboration between high school and university!"Campus visit" held at his three universities, Seijo University, Japan Women's University, and Tokyo Women's University during summer vacation 

Japan Women's University

Promote diverse education that integrates humanities and sciences, and strengthen the foundation of a women's university

In April 120, which marked the 2021th anniversary of its founding, the four faculties of Home Economics, Literature, Human Society, and Science were integrated into the founding Mejiro Campus. The Faculty of International Cultural Studies (tentative name / notification) will be established in 4, and the Faculty of Architectural Design (tentative name)'will be established in 4 (under planning).

Seijo University

Leap into the future from the Seijo campus where "cultural chemical reactions" occur

Seijo University was established in 1950 and is a comprehensive university of humanities and social sciences consisting of 4 faculties and 11 departments.We are developing our own educational curriculum to provide the originality and collaboration needed to open up the future. Linguistic and mathematical education are listed as tools to hone the two qualities, and are embodied in the university-wide common education subjects […]

Tokyo Women's University

To women who will open up a globalized and highly information-oriented society in the 21st century

Tokyo Woman's Christian University has 1 majors in 5 faculty, 12 departments, and is developing a variety of programs with an emphasis on internationality, female perspective, and practical learning. Based on the traditional liberal arts education that has continued for more than 1918 years since its establishment in 100, it has a high degree of specialization, a wide range of education that transcends the boundaries of literacy, and a high level of language ability […]

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