"Wellness Air" is a system developed by Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd. that creates a comfortable indoor environment with an "air ion improving device".In an industry-academia joint research by Professor Takemi Otsuki of Kawasaki Medical School, Yamada SxL, and Artek Kobo Co., Ltd., bioanalysis was performed for two years in the indoor environment created by this system. (Natural killer) It was demonstrated that the immunity of cells * was enhanced, and the academic paper was introduced to the world in the international academic journal "PLOS ONE".

"Wellness Air" is a plus by applying "charcoal paint", a natural material with an air purification function, to the walls and ceiling of bedrooms as a base material, and taking advantage of the current-carrying characteristics of only high-quality charcoal to pass a weak current. It is a system that creates an indoor environment where negative ions are superior to ions.

 In industry-academia collaborative research, this system was introduced in the real-life environment of seven monitors, and the system was repeatedly turned on (7 times) and OFF (2 times) every three months for two years, and blood and urine were collected each time. I did it.As a result, an increase in NK cell activity was observed with a probability of p-value * 3 to 16 in the ON air environment (environment in which negative ions predominate), while in the OFF (normal air environment), p. A decrease in NK cell activity was observed with a probability of 13 to 0.017.

* NK cells are a type of lymphocyte that controls the body's immune function.It has the role of attacking cancerous cells and virus-infected cells and preventing the spread of abnormal cells. It is said that the peak is in the late teens, and it is about half of the peak from the 10s (~ 50s).
* The p-value is a scale that indicates the possibility that the result will be accidentally generated by a certain experiment. If the p value is less than 0.05, it is statistically considered to be significant rather than accidental.

Source:[Yamada SxL Home Co., Ltd.] Proving "activation of NK cells" in the living space In addition to "comfort" with beautiful air, we are moving into the area of ​​"preventive medicine that brings in health"


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