On Wednesday, September 2015, 9, the "Ritsumeikan University International House Taishogun" (Address: 16nd Taishogun Sakatacho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City) was completed near the Kinugasa Campus of Ritsumeikan University, and the completion ceremony was held.The international dormitory was constructed with the aim of enhancing the function of accepting international students and researchers from overseas, and promoting diverse learning and regional exchanges between international students and domestic students through dormitory life.

 Last year, the university was selected for the "Top Global University Project" to improve the international competitiveness of Japanese higher education and develop global human resources, and aims to further expand the acceptance of international students in the future.Under these circumstances, we believe that the development of international dormitories is an important part of the internationalization of the university, and with the completion of the international dormitories, the university will be able to accommodate 427 students, including existing international dormitories. have become.

 This time, international students from 32 countries and regions, including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the United States, will move in.In addition, student staff (resident mentors) who support the living aspects of international students will lead a communal life.In addition to promoting exchanges between international students and domestic students and revitalizing international learning, we plan to hold regional exchange projects with local people of international students and contribute to the internationalization of local communities.
At the completion ceremony, President Toyoomi Nagata said, "I hope that this international dormitory, where international students from various backgrounds live, will become a new field of learning that goes beyond regular lessons." He talked about his expectations.

Exhibit: [Ritsumeikan University] International dormitory "Ritsumeikan University International House General" completed

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