Japan Institute of the Moving Image (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) will co-sponsor the Asao Ward Office Children's Support Office and hold the "Children's Film University" for three days from August 2015th (Thursday) to 8nd (Saturday), 20. ..This is a regional collaborative education program that integrates the government and educational institutions. The target is 22 children (lottery) from the XNUMXth to XNUMXth grades of elementary school living in Asao Ward.This year, Aeon Cinema Shinyurigaoka will also cooperate.

 This experience program has been held in collaboration with Asao Ward since 2011, and started as an "exciting experience tour" where you can make movies, and this year marks the fifth year.

Participating in this program are students who take the "Cineliteracy Exercise" in the XNUMXrd and XNUMXth grades of the Department of Imaging, Faculty of Film.We will work on it as a summer intensive exercise.In our department's "Cineliteracy (Movie Education)", we propose three powers: reading a movie (decoding information), making a movie (expression), and connecting with a movie (information sharing / dissemination).By making a movie with children in this experience program, you will learn who thinks and how the viewpoints contained in the movie are expressed.

On the other hand, through movie production, children learn that "movie making has various roles and we work together to make it."We also aim to cultivate children's independence and growth through teamwork and mutual communication.
In this experience program last year, 29 elementary school students participated, from scenario creation to staff organization, shooting, and editing. The two works were completed, and on the final day, the parents of the participants were invited to the screening, and the screening was held on the large screen of the Hakusan Campus of our university.It was well received by parents, such as "I was able to express my thoughts through making movies and gained a valuable experience of expressing one thing in cooperation with others."
The application deadline for this year is July 7 (Tuesday), and details are posted on the website of Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Source:[Japan Institute of the Moving Image] Children's Film University

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