The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected 18 cases from all over Japan, including Kanazawa University's "KUGS Special Entrance Examination" and "Chozen Special Entrance Examination," as good examples of university entrance examinations, and compiled a collection of good examples.It implements the proposals of the study group on the state of university entrance examinations, and is open to the public on its website.

 The selection was made by asking national, public and private universities and junior colleges across the country to submit written applications for initiatives considered to be good examples, and examining them by a selection committee made up of seven experts.Of the 7 applications received, 84 were selected as good examples, including those from Kanazawa University, Kumamoto University, and Nagasaki University.

 Among these, Kanazawa University aims to develop core leaders in a knowledge-based society.Those who have taken the Kanazawa University Global Standard (KUGS) high school-university connection program, have met the evaluation criteria, and have been issued a certificate of completion can apply for the KUGS special entrance examination. Qualifications are given, and students are selected based on oral examinations, short essays, general problems, etc. In addition, those who have applied for and won the "Nihon Mathematics A-lympiad" or "Chozen Literary Award" contests sponsored by Kanazawa University while in high school On the other hand, we give qualifications to apply for the transcendental special entrance examination and select by oral examination and short essay.

 Kumamoto University has opened a global leader development cram school for high school students in Kumamoto Prefecture, and has implemented mathematics education and global education, opening the way for those who have completed the course to take the global leader course entrance examination for comprehensive selection.In addition, paper interviews (obtained through verbal exchanges) developed by the entrance examination subcommittee of the Six National Universities Collaborative Consortium (consisting of Chiba University, Niigata University, Kanazawa University, Okayama University, Nagasaki University, and Kumamoto University; established in 25) In place of the traditional interview, the new written test, in which applicants are asked to write down the information they want on paper and evaluate their aptitudes, characteristics, abilities, etc. in writing, was introduced into the global leader course entrance examination ahead of the rest of the country.

 At Nagasaki University, during the first semester of the general selection process for new students, high-level descriptive questions are created jointly with the high school and the board of education.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] About good practices in university entrance examination

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