In a letter in the name of Governor Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo metropolitan government requested Naoki Okada, minister in charge of the government's Digital Garden City Nation Initiative, to immediately review restrictions on the number of university enrollments in Tokyo's 23 wards.He emphasizes the need to quickly withdraw restrictions on the number of employees for Japan's sustainable development.

 According to the metropolitan government, restricting the number of university students in the 23 wards of Tokyo will foster human resources who will lead the times, and impose restrictions on universities that play an extremely important role in the creation of innovation, giving them the freedom to choose students and run the university. claimed to be tied up.He argues that limiting the number of students not only deprives students of opportunities to learn and grow, but also slows reforms in the education and research systems of universities, which could lead to a decline in the international competitiveness of universities.

 He also criticized the regulation as clearly lacking rationality, considering changes in social conditions such as improvements in communication technology and the diversification of lifestyles due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 The government plans to set up an expert panel to consider the status of enforcement of the law, but the metropolitan government is asking the expert panel to appropriately verify and consider the operation status and effects of the rule, and to proceed with necessary reviews, including early withdrawal. I am requesting.

 In 23, the restrictions on university enrollment in the 2018 wards of Tokyo began with the aim of correcting the overconcentration of population in Tokyo and realizing regional revitalization.The period is 10 years.Although the population influx into the capital has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of reducing the number of people in Tokyo and revitalizing regional areas.

reference:[Tokyo] Requests regarding restrictions on enrollment at universities in Tokyo's 23 wards (PDF)

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