A research group led by Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University, through joint research with Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., has developed a unique current waveform that enhances the saltiness of low-salt foods by approximately 1.5 times.It is expected to contribute to healthy eating habits.

 The daily salt intake of Japanese people is much higher than the salt intake standard of WHO (World Health Organization).In recent years, the domestic low-salt and no-salt food market has continued to expand due to rising health consciousness.If the low-salt diet continues to be delicious, it may improve health issues and lead to further expansion of the low-salt and salt-free market.

 The research group has so far conducted research on the use of "electric taste" technology, which simulates changes in the way people perceive the taste of food using very weak electric currents that do not affect the human body.As a result of this research, we have developed a unique current waveform that enhances the flavor of low-salt diets.In a clinical trial involving 40 males and females aged 65 to 31 who are or have experienced reducing their salt intake, 31 of the 29 subjects reported "salty taste" when they ate the test food. increased.”For the first time in the world, it was confirmed that the salty taste perceived by a low-salt diet is enhanced by about 1.5 times (evaluation change value of salty taste intensity).

 Kirin has developed "Elexalt" devices equipped with this technology, "Elexalt -Spoon-" and "Elexalt -Wan-".You can choose your favorite saltiness intensity by adjusting the weak current in 4 steps.Jointly with Nord Co., Ltd. and Orange Page Co., Ltd., we will start a demonstration experiment to evaluate meal satisfaction by providing a set of low-salt meals, and plan to release the "Elexalt" device (2023). there isThe company aims to realize a society where people can enjoy delicious food and improve their lifestyle habits.

reference:[Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.] Developed a spoon and bowl that enhances the saltiness of low-salt food by about 1.5 times * 2 with the power of electricity

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