A research group at Hiroshima University has clarified the mechanical characteristics of the medial meniscus that are involved in the progression of knee osteoarthritis.

 The medial meniscus of the knee joint originally functions to absorb shock when it is positioned correctly within the joint, but as it protrudes out of the joint, its shock-absorbing function declines, accelerating the progression of joint deformity. end upTherefore, prevention of meniscal prolapse is extremely important for suppressing progression of knee osteoarthritis, but the cause of exacerbation of meniscal prolapse in patients with knee osteoarthritis has been unknown.

 In this study, we attempted to elucidate the force that deviates the meniscus during walking using an ultrasonic device and a three-dimensional motion analysis system.Simultaneous measurement of the movement of the meniscus and the load on the joint during walking revealed that the prolapse of the meniscus in patients with knee osteoarthritis gradually worsened during walking, and that the prolapse was greatest at the moment they stepped on the ground. rice field.This is related to the fact that the force generated on the inside of the knee joint in patients with osteoarthritis is greater than that in healthy elderly people, and in particular, the force generated on the inside of the knee at the moment of stepping is involved in meniscal prolapse. I have confirmed that I will.

 In other words, it was clarified that patients with knee osteoarthritis repeatedly prolapse the meniscus out of the joint during daily activities due to the force inward of the knee joint generated when stepping on the ground, which is a unique mechanical characteristic. .

 Effectively reducing the force that exacerbates meniscal prolapse during walking, elucidated by this study, is thought to prevent the progression and onset of knee osteoarthritis.The results of this research are expected to contribute to the development of new treatments for knee osteoarthritis, such as proposing braces and walking styles that prevent meniscal prolapse.

Paper information:[The Knee] Knee addition moment is correlated with the increase in medial meniscus extrusion by dynamic ultrasound in knee osteoarthritis

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