The Hong Kong Polytechnic University officially promoted the Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC) to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, becoming its third independent flagship school, the School of Textiles and Clothing. Announced the establishment of Fashion & Textile (SFT).

 SFT brings together researchers from all over the world in various fields such as wearables, smart textiles, medical textiles, functional clothing, social fashion design, sustainable fashion, digital fashion marketing, and supply chain management in the fashion industry. leading the industry.In the "2022 World Fashion School Rankings" by American business magazine CEOWORLD magazine, Bunka Fashion College is ranked 2nd in the Asian region after Bunka Fashion College in Japan, and 43rd in the world overall.

 In the future, we will comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of our graduates and Hong Kong's fashion and textile industry, and at the same time seek to develop in line with the development of the Greater Bay Area market.In addition, we aim to lead the fashion industry and create social impact, and to provide solutions to various problems using research activities and innovative and outstanding capabilities.

Reference: [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University] PolyU announces the establishment of the School of Fashion and Textiles to nurture innovative, creative fashion talent and seize opportunities in the Greater Bay Area 

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