The “Beyond SDGs Life Game”, which Kanazawa Institute of Technology has been developing with Takara Tomy Co., Ltd., has been completed, and on September 2022, 9, a launch event (announcement and experience meeting) for related parties and media will be held in Kanazawa. It was held at the Toranomon Campus of the Institute of Technology, Tokyo.There is also a plan to distribute it free of charge as learning support to educational institutions such as elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide, and we will start recruiting free distribution destinations.

 The “Beyond SDGs Life Game” aims to achieve the SDGs with 2030 as the target year, and to achieve four goals by 2050: a “decarbonized society,” a “recycling-oriented society,” a “society in harmony with nature,” and a “well-being society.” A "game of life" for education and learning about the realization of an ideal future that includes society.Unlike the general "life game" where players compete to become a millionaire, players aim for an ideal future by cooperating with each other.Each square is created with background data from highly feasible future information published by government agencies and think tanks. You can experience what It can be played by 4 to 2 people, and the recommended age is 4 years old or older.

 In addition to playing the game, the book “Manabook” that understands the SDGs “10 goals” and “what you can do” with illustrations from the age of 17” (Director of the SDGs Promotion Center, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Tokutaro Hiramoto) Mates Publishing Co., Ltd.) can be combined as supplementary teaching materials, enabling learning of the SDGs to be developed within educational institutions.

 For free distribution to elementary, middle and high school educational institutions, it is necessary to participate in the "SDGs Innovation Education Practitioner Community" promoted as one of the subsidized projects of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In the community of SDGs innovation education practitioners, gamification materials related to SDGs such as "Beyond SDGs Life Game" are used in classes to collaborate and learn from each other among educational institutions. Examples are shared, and effective utilization methods are shared.

 In addition, with some local governments, we will provide governors, mayors, and superintendents of education with a large number of items through presentation ceremonies with the aim of promoting awareness and behavioral changes through SDGs education throughout the region. Efforts are also being made to create an environment that facilitates the use of institutions.

Reference: [Kanazawa Institute of Technology SDGs Promotion Center] "Beyond SDGs Life Game" is complete!We are looking for schools that wish to distribute free of charge to educational institutions such as elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide. 

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