Kyoto University will abolish the Higher Education Research and Development Promotion Center at the end of September. A university-wide discussion has begun to decide whether to end the public release.We plan to come to a conclusion by the end of the year, and will continue to publish until we come to a conclusion.

 According to Kyoto University, there are more than 6,000 videos of classes and public lectures, and they have been widely released under the name of "Kyoto University Open Courseware."However, the Kyoto University Research and Development Center for Higher Education, which had managed the release of these videos, was abolished due to organizational reforms, and what to do after the abolition was up in the air.

 For this reason, a university-wide task force was established to discuss future Kyoto University open courseware.
Kyoto University's Research and Development Center for Higher Education originally planned to close the site in mid-September and consider what to do with the content that is currently open to the public, but there are concerns about the sudden disappearance of shared intellectual property. However, in August, it was announced that it would be made public at the Education Information Promotion Office of the Education Promotion and Student Support Department for a limited period of time.However, during this time, there was a lack of detailed explanations, and the response policy changed over and over, causing dissatisfaction among the university and users.

reference:[Kyoto University] Future Kyoto University Open Courseware

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