A research group led by Professor Susumu Hara of the Graduate School of Nagoya University, in collaboration with Keio University, used a device that allows people to experience the overhead flight of a flying car, and investigated the relationship between noise and stress. However, I found that unconscious stress is difficult to eliminate.It is expected to be an important knowledge for the spread of drones and flying cars.

 In recent years, there has been a lot of research on flying cars, and from a technical point of view, the realization of manned flight is imminent.On the other hand, there is insufficient research on the "social acceptability" (social acceptability) of flying cars and their unmanned versions, such as drones, which are becoming more popular.If left unconsidered, the future "industrial revolution in the sky" will not spread in a healthy manner, and there is concern that new social problems will arise.

 In our research, we prepared a simulator in the university's flight performance evaluation wind tunnel facility that allows you to experience a CG animation of a flying car flying overhead.We proposed a method that combines two approaches for social acceptability evaluation of noise, which has a particularly large impact.One is a socio-psychological evaluation by questionnaire, which can evaluate the degree of conscious stress.The other is a real-time evaluation by simple electroencephalogram measurement using a sensitivity analyzer, which can evaluate the unconscious stress level based on biological signals.

 As a result of comparing the difference between the two evaluation methods through experiments, the questionnaire showed that stress tended to be relieved when the sound was reduced after being exposed to a loud noise once, but it was found that unconscious stress was difficult to be relieved by the Kansei analyzer. It was revealed.

 The results of this research are expected to provide important knowledge for formulating guidelines for developing air infrastructure and creating innovative aircraft that are friendly to the ground community.

Paper information:[Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility] Noise-Induced Stress Assessment ―On the Difference Between Questionnaire-Based and EEG Measurement-Based Evaluations―

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