Tohoku University International Joint Graduate School of Japanese Studies and La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy compared Japan and Italy during the so-called "Long 1960s," a time of rapid economic growth, various social and student movements, and cultural prosperity. Online sales of the English book "Revolutionary Times" will begin in October.

 According to Tohoku University, the long 1960s refers to the period from the mid-1950s to the mid-70s.At that time, Japan and Western European countries recovered from World War II and entered high economic growth. Student movements and anti-Vietnam war activities became active, rock music and hippie culture emerged, and Western society, culture, and values ​​began to change. underwent a big change.

 In the book, eight researchers from both countries compared the situation in Japan and Italy during this period.Both Japan and Italy were defeated in World War II.Eight researches show that while the social and political situations have undergone major changes, and while the two countries have experienced turmoil in which their values ​​have been greatly shaken due to the challenges of the existing order by young people, there are also differences between the two countries' situations. people are digging deep.

 At the same time, it presents a new perspective on the history shared by the two countries in comparison, and provides the ideas necessary for a deeper understanding of each contemporary society.

reference:[Tohoku University] English-language book comparing Japan and Italy in the "long 1960s", published with the cooperation of researchers from both countries ─Providing important information for understanding the impact on modern society─

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