From 2022:10 on October 4, 13 (Tuesday), the Arrow Educational Research Institute established three universities in Chiba Prefecture that are strong in science and engineering, "Chiba University" and "Chiba Institute of Technology", and the Faculty of Engineering in April 30 (establishment Held a university entrance examination study group for Reitaku University. Under the theme of "future-oriented science and engineering human resource development", information that is difficult to obtain at ordinary university information sessions will be live-streamed only to cram schools, cram schools, and high school teachers.Participation fee is free.

 The University Entrance Examination Study Group is an event that actively presents the latest information on university reforms and entrance examinations, and considers the latest trends in university entrance examinations while incorporating analysis and commentary by experts.This time, it will be held in collaboration with three national and private universities with campuses in Chiba Prefecture.

 In the introduction of the universities in Part 1, the admissions officers of the three universities will provide an overview and the latest information on science and engineering faculties and departments.In the second part, Ms. Maiko Ito, who is widely active as an actress, talent, and researcher of robots and preventive medicine, will be on stage as an educational dialogue.Together with Fuminori Kurabe, she talks about how parents and educators relate to students aiming to enter science and engineering.On the special website, “Chiba University x Chiba Institute of Technology x Reitaku University, nurturing new generations of science and technology human resources with future-oriented research power!” ing.

 The university entrance examination study group will be streamed live on YouTube Live from 10:4 to 13:30 on Tuesday, October 15th.Applications are accepted on a special website or by email for cram schools, preparatory school staff, and high school teachers.Applicants will be sent a viewing URL for limited release.Even if you can't watch it on the day, you can watch the distribution video until mid-March 30.

Reference: [Arrow Institute of Education] Chiba University x Chiba Institute of Technology x Reitaku University Future-oriented research power to develop new generations of science and technology human resources! 

Chiba Institute of Technology

Foster professionals who learn cutting-edge science and technology and contribute to world culture with technology

Chiba Institute of Technology was founded in 1942 as "Koa Institute of Technology" in response to social demands to train advanced science and technology engineers and enrich Asian countries including Japan.In the 17 years since then, it has continued to support Japan's growth through manufacturing, and is now the oldest existing private technical university […].

Chiba University

Fostering human resources who will open up the next generation.To a future-oriented university that shines in the world

Chiba University has 10 faculties, 7 graduate schools / faculties, and a large number of affiliated facilities, and has specialized knowledge and skills, high problem-solving ability, high intelligence, ethical standards, and rich humanity, and has an interdisciplinary perspective. We aim to develop human resources who can play an active role internationally.Actively promote the enhancement of liberal arts education and the internationalization of educational activities, which are the basis of this […]

Reitaku University

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