At Toyo Gakuen University, third-year students of the Human Sciences Department's Human Sciences and Crime Seminar (Professor Hisae Miyazono) participated in the summer festival held by the Business Association on Hongo Oyokocho Street, a shopping street in front of the Hongo Campus.Events for children, such as crime prevention and SDGs stamp rallies, as well as Bon Odori competitions were planned to liven up the events and interact with local residents.

 Every July, the Hongo Oyokocho Business Association holds a summer festival, and the Miyazono seminar has become a regular participant. In 7 and 2020, the event was canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, but it has been decided to resume it for the first time in three years in order to maintain the traditions and exchanges of the region. On July 2021, 3, a scaled-down summer event "Oyokocho Park" was held.

 At the Miyazono seminar, a crime prevention/SDGs quiz stamp rally, a ring toss/bowling stall for children, and a crime prevention poster production project were held.In addition, as a first attempt this time, we will hold a Bon dance competition in collaboration with the local Japanese drum group “Ikizaka Taiko”.At the venue set up on the university campus, the students were surrounded by a sense of unity as the local residents danced in a circle.

 Yukio Ishida, chairman of the Hongo Oyokocho Street Business Association, said, "It was unknown how many people would gather in the midst of the resurgence of infection and the heat wave, but it was a day that reconfirmed the importance of 'connection' in the community." comment.Participating students commented with a sense of accomplishment, "In addition to preparations in advance, we thoroughly took measures against infectious diseases and heat stroke on the day of the event. Above all, I'm glad that the local children enjoyed themselves." .

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] Miyazono seminar cooperates with local shopping street event!Interacting with local people through crime prevention/SDGs enlightenment and Bon Odori festival 

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