According to the National Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Technology), in the 2022 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Mathematics, Data Science and AI Education Program Certification System", 33 national technical colleges (hereinafter referred to as National Colleges) level”, and 33 cases were certified. Combined with the 2021 cases in 9, 42 cases (over 8% of technical colleges nationwide) have been certified.In addition, 5 applications from 7 schools were approved for the Applied Basic Level. The remaining 2023 schools will apply in 9, with the aim of having all 51 national colleges of technology certified.

 In the "AI Strategy 2019" decided by the Cabinet Office's Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council in June 6, "regardless of humanities and sciences, all university and technical college students (approximately 2019 graduates/year) Acquisition of elementary-level mathematics, data science, and AI” is one of the specific goals.Aiming to achieve this, from 50, public recruitment for the "Mathematics, Data Science, AI Education Program Certification System (literacy level)", a system for certifying excellent educational programs in regular courses at universities and technical colleges, has started.
 Even before the introduction of this system, the Institute of Technology has grasped the trend of society and has been promoting the development project of "Technical College! Society 5.0 Type Future Technician Human Resources".Among them, in the "K-DASH" project, we aim to improve the quality of technical college education in the Society 5.0 era by collaborating with technical colleges nationwide to develop human resources who have acquired the ability to implement technologies such as AI and big data. and human resource development.

 As a result of these efforts, 2021 schools applied for the “literacy level” in 9, and 9 were certified. In 2022, 33 schools applied and 33 were certified, and 2 were certified in two years.In addition, Nagaoka College of Technology and Toyama College of Technology were selected in 42 and 2021, respectively, for “(literacy level) Plus”, which has leading and unique ideas and characteristics.

 In addition, from 2022, we will begin recruiting students from a certain size of universities and technical colleges for the “basic application level” to develop practical skills for problem solving. Seven educational programs at five schools of Sasebo National College of Technology are accredited.

 Kosen, which trains practical and creative engineers, will continue to provide students with basic knowledge of mathematics, data science, and AI, based on changes in social and economic structures, technological sophistication, and changes in social, industrial, and regional needs. We will work to create an educational environment where students can learn and exercise their curiosity and creativity.

Reference: [National Institute of Technology] All 51 national technical colleges aim to be accredited for the "Mathematics, Data Science, AI Education Program Certification System"-This summer, 33 schools for literacy level and 5 schools for applied basic level Certification.Contributing to the development of data science and AI human resources

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