The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has selected seven schools, including Hibiya High School, as priority schools for higher education guidance starting in 2022, as the current designation period for high school guidance guidance schools will end in 2023.Both are continuous designations, and the designated period is five years until 7.Selection was made in consideration of the status of adaptation to the selection criteria over the past three years.

 According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, Hibiya High School, as well as Nishi High School, Kunitachi High School, Hachioji Higashi High School, Toyama High School, Aoyama High School, and Tachikawa High School, have been selected as priority schools for higher education guidance from 2023.Roughly 7% or more of students take the common university entrance exam in 5 subjects in 7 subjects, and 6% or more of the students who take the exam have a score level (roughly 8%) or higher that can pass the difficult national university, It was selected based on the selection criteria of 1 successful applicants from difficult national universities such as the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, and National University Medical School.

 Koyamadai High School, Komaba High School, Shinjuku High School, Machida High School, Kokubunji High School, Kokusai High School, and Komatsugawa High School were consecutively selected as special promotion schools for higher education guidance following the priority schools.

 The following schools that promote higher education guidance include Mita High School, Toyotama High School, Takehaya High School, Kitazono High School, Sumidagawa High School, Joto High School, Musashino Kita High School, Koganei Kita High School, Kohoku High School, Edogawa High School, Hinodai High School, and Chofu. A total of 13 schools, Kita High School and Tama Science and Technology High School, and two newly designated Ueno High School and Showa High School, were selected.

reference:[Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education] Designation of priority schools for higher education guidance in metropolitan high schools

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