The University Entrance Examination Center has started accepting applications for the 2022 University Entrance Common Test from Monday, September 9, 26.Applications will be accepted for 2023 days until the postmark is valid on Thursday, October 10th.

 Candidates who are expected to graduate from high school, etc. should send the application form via the school they are enrolled in, while high school graduates should use the envelope attached to the examination guide and send it directly to the university entrance examination center.The common test will be held nationwide on January 2023th (Sat) and 1th (Sun), 14.


 The number of applicants so far is 2021 in 53, the first year of the common test (acceptance rate of 5,245%), and 90.45 in 2022 (acceptance rate of 53%).

Reference: [University Entrance Examination Center] Acceptance of applications for the XNUMXth year of Reiwa university entrance common test has started 

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