A research group led by Professor Tsuyoshi Uetaki of the Kumamoto University Graduate School, through joint research with Shinshu University and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., has developed system software that uses image matching technology to identify the original location of stones that collapsed during the Kumamoto earthquake. developed.

 Kumamoto Castle was severely damaged by the huge Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 28.A huge number of stones fell from the stone wall, and it was said that the restoration work would take more than 4 years.Each of the stone walls of Kumamoto Castle is a cultural property, and it is necessary to restore the collapsed stones to their correct positions, but there are so many of them that visual inspection is difficult.Therefore, the research group investigated a system that supports matching work using image processing technology.

 At first, there was no photo of the stone wall before the earthquake, but Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. had taken more than 4 high-definition photos of the stone wall for content creation of VR Kumamoto Castle.The research group used this to create a front-facing image of each stone and a full-scale contour database.Next, after the stone wall collapsed, the stones moved to the stone storage area were measured in 1D using a stereo camera.It is now possible to convert the actual size scale information in millimeters to the shape seen from the front.

 In addition, we developed an automatic collation system using image processing technology that matches stone contour shapes and positional relationships before and after the collapse, and applied it to the stone walls of the Iidamaru 370th floor turret of Kumamoto Castle. Of the 337 collapsed stones, 91 (1%) stones were originally located.In addition, about XNUMX% of errors were found in the results of human visual comparison performed in advance, and the comparison of hundreds of photographs, which took several months by human labor, was completed in about one hour.

 The developed system was adopted for the design of the restoration work of the actual Iidamaru five-story turret, and construction is scheduled to start according to this design.In the future, it is expected to be used for other stone wall matching.

Paper information:[International Journal of Computer Vision] ISHIGAKI Retrieval System Using 3D Shape Matching and Combinatorial Optimization

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