On Saturday, October 2022, 10, the Edogawa University Children's Communication Research Institute will hold an online public lecture on the theme of "Raising Children in the Community: Thinking from the Perspective of Children's Rights".

 Edogawa University Children's Communication Research Institute supervises research related to children's communication studies at Edogawa University, returning it to student education research, and practical research related to child care, education, and leader training in local communities. plays a central role inSpecific initiatives include providing information and consultations related to development, providing and supporting places for children and parents to gather, providing lectures and training for those involved in childcare and education, and conducting joint research with incumbent childcare and educators. ing.

 Holding public lectures and forums that are closely related to the needs of local communities is one of them, and in the 2022 public lecture, we will give a lecture on the theme of "Children's Development in the Community: Thinking from the Perspective of Children's Rights".Akemi Morita, professor emeritus at Toyo University, who has been involved in support systems and human resource development through the field of child support and child policy of local governments, will be the lecturer to approach the "perspective of children's rights" that is important for raising children.

 The date and time will be Saturday, October 2022, 10 from 22:13 to 00:15. The online course will be held on a first-come, first-served basis with a capacity of 15 people.Tuition is free.Those who wish to participate must apply by October 150th (Monday) from the Children's Communication Institute website (the deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached).

Reference: [Edogawa University] 2022 Children's Communication Research Institute Open Lecture

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