Ishido Co., Ltd., which develops "Ishido-style abacus classrooms" nationwide and overseas, together with student groups from Chiba University of Commerce and Toho University, has created "Ishido-style SDGs Sugoroku" where children can learn about the 17 goals of the SDGs while having fun. co-produced. It will be released on the website from October 2022, 10.

 “SONE” of Chiba University of Commerce and “Toho Ecolution” of Toho University are student groups that work on environmental activities at their respective universities.Until now, they have held joint training camps, etc., and since 2018, they have cooperated in activities such as exchanging information.

 Both groups have also proposed events to promote environmental activities for children to Ishido. In response to a request from Ishido who wanted it, I created "Ishido-style SDGs Sugoroku".

 Sugoroku is used by students aged 3 and over who attend abacus classes.Students of all ages have different levels of understanding of the language, so I made sure to create content that can be understood and enjoyed by students of all ages.

 As an introduction to Sugoroku, the students also devised a four-panel manga that explains all 17 SDGs in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of children.The manga is also a hint for the quiz in the Sugoroku, and it is devised so that you can deepen your understanding of the SDGs by challenging the Sugoroku while reading the manga.

 "Ishido Shiki SDGs Sugoroku" can be downloaded from the website even for students who do not attend the abacus class.

Reference: Ishido-style SDGs Sugoroku 

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