From September 2022, 9, Ritsumeikan University has started trial introduction of AI automatic translation service "Mirai Translator®" in English classes for about 26 undergraduate and graduate students.Based on a partnership agreement between the Ritsumeikan Trust and NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Mirai Translate, Inc., a group company of NTT DoCoMo, Inc., will provide the service.This is the first time in Japan (according to Mirai Translate) that Mirai Translator® has been introduced without any restrictions on its use in regular English classes at a university.

 As globalization advances and more companies use English on a daily basis, the significance of students learning English is evolving from an input type to a "useful output type of English."At the same time, as technology advances, translation tools that enable smooth multilingual communication centered on the native language have also appeared, and there is a growing need to improve communication skills without spending time learning the language itself.

 The introduction of this test will verify what kind of changes will occur in learning outcomes and student psychology by using AI automatic translation tools in university English classes.The aim is for students to actively acquire English skills that can be used in society, such as improving the presentation skills that should be acquired and improving the accuracy of output, by dispelling anxiety about learning due to lack of English skills.

 The trial introduction period is from September 2022, 9 to March 26, 2023. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Project-based English Program (Faculty of Life Sciences/Graduate School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences/Graduate School of Sports and Health Sciences, Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology, Graduate School of Human Sciences) ) for approximately 3 people.

 In the future, students will be able to use it freely and on a daily basis, such as for English classes and self-study once a week. A debriefing session on the demonstration will be held.

 In May 2022, Ritsumeikan Academy's mid-term plan, Ritsumeikan Vision R5 Challenge Design, implemented the trial introduction of an AI automatic translation service in order to embody the "evolution of education and research that makes use of technology." Received the Excellence Award for Educational Development DX Pitch.With the motto of exploring new forms of English education, improving it, and continuing to grow, English teachers including Professor Tsukasa Yamanaka, Associate Professor Shuhei Kimura, Associate Professor Mitomo Yamashita of the Faculty of Life Sciences, and Associate Professor Yukie Kondo of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. plans and promotes the program.

Reference: [Ritsumeikan University] Trial introduction of AI automatic translation service in English classes at university Verification of the possibility of new English education using translation tools for about 5,000 students and graduate students

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