Frompage Co., Ltd. will hold the “Yume Navi Live 227 in Autumn” event, which will bring together 2022 national, public and private universities nationwide to take advantage of the online appeal that has begun to spread due to measures against corona infection. As of October 10, 6 applications have been collected, and many participants are expected following the summer event.

 Yume Navi Live, which has been held for 13 years, will be held online from 2020, which is attractive because it can be participated from anywhere in the country.This time, 30 videos of 521-minute academic mini-lectures given by university professors in various specialized fields will be released exclusively.If you are interested in watching the lectures, you can directly ask questions and consult with university professors online, and 177 university information sessions and entrance examination information sessions are scheduled.Many programs are live streaming through Zoom and web meeting style, so it will be a real experience for high school students aiming to go on to college.

 In addition, as a new content that will appear from this time, a “live lecture quiz” will be released that quizzes particularly interesting content from the live lecture videos.You can experience the fun of learning by watching videos with a quiz that tickles your curiosity.

 It will be held for two days, Saturday, October 2022, 10 and Sunday, October 15, 16.After registering on My Page, all 2 30-minute mini-lectures can be viewed.In addition, participation registration on My Page is required to participate in "Lecture Live Question Answer / Laboratory Visit" and "Learning Station".

Reference: [From Page Co., Ltd.] Yume Navi Live 2022 in Autumn 

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