BATHTIME TOPS, a bathing suit that supports the improvement of QOL for women after breast cancer surgery, developed by Professor Hiroko Murata of Kio University's Department of Human Environment Design in collaboration with GSI Creos Co., Ltd., won the 2022 Good Design Award.This is the first time for Kio University to receive this award.

 "BATHTIME TOPS" is a disposable bathing suit that allows women after breast cancer surgery to take a bath without worrying about scars. In 2021, it was developed by a research group consisting of Professor Murata, Assistant Tomomi Komatsu, Lecturer Eri Nakanishi of the Department of Nursing and Medical Care, Professor Mitsugu Fukumori of the Department of Physical Therapy, and students of the Murata seminar, and is sold by GSI Creos Co., Ltd.

 In this year's Good Design Award, "This product was developed for post-operative breast cancer patients. Based on research, we considered the comfort and ease of putting on and taking off when bathing, and devised a shape to cover the surgical scars. The non-woven fabric is just the right thickness for a neat and functional finish, and it is well-balanced, including being disposable and the price.”

 Research on disposable bathing suits for women after breast cancer surgery at Kio University began in 2016 with a proposal from Lecturer Nakanishi of the Department of Nursing and Medical Sciences, who said, "We want women who have undergone breast cancer surgery to be able to take a large bath without hesitation." rice field.

 At the time of 2016, the awareness of bathing suits was low, and bathing clothes were not widely used at bathing facilities in Nara Prefecture.The research group surveyed breast cancer patients and bathing facilities to explore the requirements for bathing clothes, and at the same time, visited many fabric manufacturers to find materials that are suitable for bathing clothes.

 After repeatedly making prototypes and trying on hydrophobic fibers, it was difficult to create a suitable fabric.Due to the corona crisis, he changed his idea from the "bring-in type bathing suit" that he had envisioned until then, and developed "disposable bathing clothes" with the keywords of hygiene and cleanliness.

 The completed “BATHTIME TOPS” uses a material with water repellency on the outside and water absorption on the inside, so it does not float even when soaked in hot water, and it is easy to drain when you get out of the bathtub.In addition, elastic polyurethane is used for the inner layer of the fabric, and the V-shaped back design makes it easy to put on and take off, and it is easy to wash the body.

 In addition, he worked with Nara Prefecture to allow these bathing suits to be used in public baths, ryokan/hotel baths, and saunas.Nara Prefecture requested public awareness and understanding among citizens, and created and distributed posters to all facilities in the prefecture, ``Seeking understanding of bathing while wearing bathing clothes.''After that, it was introduced in the media such as TV and newspapers and at meetings of the "Pink Ribbon Inn", and its use has spread, such as being adopted as one of the "amenities" of accommodation facilities.

 Professor Hiroko Murata of the Department of Human Environment Design said, "Although "BATHTIME TOPS" is a small piece of clothing, it is packed with feedback from breast cancer patients, requests from bathing facilities, and the wishes of the research team.I believe that the Good Design Award was given to us because of our efforts in various areas such as materials, design, putting on and taking off, cleanliness, and comfort.When I heard that the daughter of a friend of hers who had breast cancer found this bathing suit by chance, bought it, and actually used it, I realized that this research was useful for people.I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the hot springs with peace of mind. ’ commented.

 The bathing suit "BATHTIME TOPS" will be exhibited at the "Living Design Exhibition 2022 Care, Art and Design" to be held at Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store from Saturday, October 10, 22 to Monday, November 11, 7. It will be exhibited as a design related to the award-winning care.

Reference: [Kio University] Japan's first disposable bathing suit for women after breast cancer surgery won the "Good Design Award"!

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