Tokyo Institute of Technology has established a new scholarship, the Mirai Souzou Kosen Entrepreneurship Scholarship, to support transfer students from technical colleges with high technical skills and expertise.Utilizing donations from the venture capital Mirai Creation Organization, we have already started recruiting scholarships.

 According to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Mirai Souzou Kosen Entrepreneurship Scholarship is a pre-admission scholarship for Kosen students transferring to a bachelor's degree program.The benefit is available from transfer students in April 2023.Scholarship students are recruited, selected, and notified of informal decisions before enrollment.The aim is to encourage the transfer students to actively pursue their studies and research by making an informal decision before admission, and two students are scheduled to be hired.A monthly allowance of 4 yen is provided.The maximum period of benefit is until the end of the standard term of study.

 Applicants must have graduated from a technical college at the time of recruitment, or be enrolled in school and wish to transfer to Tokyo Institute of Technology in April 2023.After graduating from the bachelor's program, students must wish to advance to the master's program and have the desire to start a business.It does not matter which school or system you wish to transfer to.

 Mirai Creation Organization was jointly founded in 2014 by President Yuji Okada, an alumnus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Director Daisuke Kaneko.We have established and operate a venture capital company related to the Tokyo Institute of Technology, but after making the Kosen Career Research Institute, which operates the Kosen student community, a wholly owned subsidiary, we have established not only the Tokyo Institute of Technology but also Kosen-related venture companies. Added to investment targets.

reference:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] Establishment of the Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund Scholarship "Future Creation College Entrepreneurship Scholarship"

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