On June 2015, 6, a bakery cafe "note cafe" was opened at the entrance on the 6st floor of the Tokyo Gakugei University Library, which was renewed due to earthquake-resistant repair work, for the purpose of exchange between the university and the community.

note cafe logo (quoted from the source)

note cafe logo (quoted from the source)

The planning and operation of the cafe will be carried out in collaboration with the university, which promotes regional cooperation by the local company "Town Kitchen Co., Ltd.", which works on community-based founding support and regional revitalization.It can also be used by local residents and the general public, and on weekday nights and regular holidays, open lectures and talk events are held, and information is exchanged with diverse people that transcend the boundaries between the university and the region. It will be used as a place for learning.

The word "note" in the name of the cafe has meanings such as keeping in mind and noticing, and "note cafe" wants to be a new style cafe where ideas and wisdom that will be useful in the future community are spelled out. I have a feeling.

Inside the store, you will be offered an original menu of local production for local consumption using local ingredients and products such as homemade bread baked in the oven and blended coffee using beans procured from the local store.The homemade custard cream bun (180 yen excluding tax), which is the signature menu, uses freshly-cooked chicken eggs raised in the local city of Fuchu with non-genetically modified food and negative ion water.
In addition, a whiteboard "note map" that can be written on a wall of about 2m x 4m in length and posted with a magnet is installed on the entire wall of the store, and information on the area such as neighboring universities and stores is also sent.

As a future development, we are planning to lead to regional revitalization by disseminating the results of education and research at the university based on the cafe and holding workshops. The business hours of "note cafe" are from 10:18 to 30:XNUMX.Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Source:[Tokyo Gakugei University] "note cafe" OPEN in Tokyo Gakugei University

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