Kanazawa University has begun accepting applications for participation in the 11th Japan Mathematical A-lympiad, a math contest to be held in November.In a competition where high school teams from all over the country challenge global problems that can occur in the real world with outstanding mathematics, the two teams that received the highest award and the excellence award will participate in the world competition "Math A" scheduled to be held in the Netherlands in March 5. -lympiad” as a representative of Japan.

 According to Kanazawa University, the Japan Mathematics A-lympiad is not simply a competition for mathematics knowledge and skills, but a contest in which teams of high school students use their knowledge of mathematics to propose solutions to problems related to global issues.Questions will be given in English and will be evaluated on whether it is a better solution for society.In the 4th Japan Math A-lympiad, Nishiyamato Gakuen High School in Kawai Town, Nara Prefecture won the highest award, but Ritsumeikan Keisho High School in Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, which received the Excellence Award, ranked first in the world in the Math A-lympiad. shining in

 Winners will be eligible to apply for the special entrance examination of Kanazawa University.The transcendental special entrance examination consists of the A-lympiad selection, which targets students with unique talents in mathematics, and the Transcendent Literary Selection, which targets students with unique talents in literature. can be done.

 Applications for participation will be accepted until the end of October.The competition is held at each high school to which the participating teams belong, and the teacher in charge submits the answers to Kanazawa University.

reference:[Kanazawa University] Registration for the 5th Japanese Mathematical A-lympiad has started

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