Kindai University has introduced an OB/OG visiting service operated by BizReach, an Internet service company of the Visional Group, to support the careers of students.By 2025, BizReach will register approximately 1,000 OBs and OGs, including graduates and prospective job seekers, to ensure contact with students aiming to develop their careers.

 According to Visional, Kinki University used to introduce OBs and OGs to students based on paper rosters at the Career Center, but this has been discontinued and OBs and OGs are introduced through the application "BizReach Campus" operated by BizReach. allowed to visit.

 BizReach collects career information of OBs and OGs who have experienced transfers, jobs, and entrepreneurship, and registers them in the app.In cooperation with Kinki University's job hunting support group "ASK", information on prospective job seekers is also included.

 The job-hunting environment for university students is undergoing major changes, such as online job-hunting becoming the norm due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.In response to this, Kinki University introduced BizReach's app in consideration of promoting the digitalization of student job hunting and career development.

reference:[BizReach Co., Ltd.] Kindai University introduces “BizReach Campus” as a DX official university visit service for career support

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