According to a survey by a private research institute, Imperial Data Bank, it is important for companies to focus on engineering fields for their own development and economic fields for economic growth.On the other hand, it has become clear that companies have high expectations for the development of society in the medical field and do not place much emphasis on engineering and economics.

The survey was conducted in August, targeting 8 companies nationwide, of which 2 companies responded.According to the report, the academic fields (multiple answers) cited by each company as research fields necessary for the development of the company were engineering-related at 3,283%, followed by economics / management / commerce-related at 1%.This was followed by science, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and law.

In the growth of the Japanese economy, economics, management, commerce 64.5% and engineering 63.0% both accounted for more than 6%.Furthermore, science, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and international affairs are in the 5% range.The idea of ​​a company that emphasizes engineering, economics, management, and commerce has become apparent in the development of the company and the growth of the Japanese economy.
On the other hand, in terms of social development, medical / dental / pharmaceutical systems are the top with 63.3%.Nursing / health, education, and literature / language are in the 6% range, while engineering is in 12th place and economics / management / commerce is in 14th place.It became clear that there is a big discrepancy in the fields that we consider important in the development of our company, the growth of the Japanese economy and the development of society.
29.2% of the companies answered that there is a difference in what they want from people from the humanities and sciences in their business.By industry, the ratio is high at 42.8% for manufacturing and 39.0% for construction, with nearly 7% for manufacturing precision machinery, medical machinery and equipment.There was also a tendency for companies with a large number of employees to have a higher percentage of “yes”.

From companies, "Higher education wants not only overall grades, but also interdisciplinary fusion of language and economics, science and medicine," and "acquires the ability to pursue the truth deeply regardless of faculty or department. There were many calls for education that is not necessarily tied to the academic field, such as "I want you to do it."In addition, there are opinions that hope to raise the level of engineering students in order to maintain the status of a manufacturing powerhouse.

Source:[Teikoku Databank Co., Ltd.] Survey of corporate attitudes toward the education field required of universities

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