On November 2022, 11 (Tuesday), Josai International University will hold an online symposium titled "Looking beyond the SDGs -The role of universities and their members in a sustainable society-".

 This symposium was held as part of the "Lecture Series" that is being developed as a project to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company's founding.How to develop the human resources necessary to realize and maintain a sustainable society, and how to build the future beyond that, and explore the role that universities should play in that process.

 On the day of the event, Mr. Kiyotaka Akasaka, former UN Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations, who has worked to spread awareness of the SDGs, will take the stage and give a keynote speech titled "From the MDGs to the SDGs and beyond."Next, Mr. Masashiro Hashida, Director of Marketing Strategy Headquarters (in charge of SDGs) of Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters, will be invited to give a special lecture on the theme of "development of post-SDGs human resources required by society - from the field of news coverage".After that, Mr. Akasaka, Mr. Hashida, and President Sugibayashi will hold a panel discussion titled "Looking Beyond the SDGs -The Role of Universities and Their Members in a Sustainable Society-".

  The event will be held from 11:15 to 13:30 on Tuesday, November 15th.Deliver online.Those who wish to view the program are required to fill out an application form.

Reference: [Josai International University] Commemorative lecture "Lecture Series" SDGs theme Delivered online on November 11

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