At Toyo Gakuen University, the official student group "Gomi Zero Circle", which is promoting the "Japan's No. XNUMX Garbage-free University Project (commonly known as Gomi Pro)", will participate in the industry-academia collaboration project "MUP" (MOTTAINAI UPCYCLE PROJECT) from the fall semester.Activities include tours of recycling companies' factories and installation of PET bottle cap collection boxes on campus.

 "Gomi Pro" is an activity by student volunteers of the Faculty of Modern Management who are interested in environmental issues and SDGs. He has been active in creating posters, organizing summer vacation workshops for elementary school students, and exhibiting garbage-themed art at school festivals.Along with that, the recognition within the university has increased and the number of members has increased, so from October 2022, it will start activities as a university official organization "Gomi Zero Circle". 

 The students, who have restarted as the "Zero Garbage Circle", have been participating in the industry-academia collaboration project "MUP" since the fall semester.A project led by Asahi Group Japan Co., Ltd. and Asahi Yuus Co., Ltd., which conducts activities with the theme of plastic recycling activities.One of the activities is the installation of collection boxes for plastic containers on university campuses, and the Zero Garbage Circle also participates in this.A PET bottle cap collection box was installed on campus.Collected plastic containers are collected, sorted, and recycled into recycled pellets, which are then recycled as products.We will collect PET bottle caps, for which there is no collection system and horizontal recycling technology has not been established, and work to reduce CO2 by incinerating them.

 Azabu University, Sophia University, Seisen Women's University, Taisho University, Chiba University, and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have already participated in "MUP". It is said that it will work on plastic recycling activities through industry-academia collaboration.

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] “Gomi Pro” participates in industry-academia collaboration project for PET bottle cap recycling  

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