"IBARAKI YARIIKA MARINADE" jointly developed by Tokiwa University Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Health and Nutrition and York-Benimaru Co., Ltd. began selling at 10 York-Benimaru stores in Ibaraki Prefecture from October 8th.Tokiwa University has been participating in the "Ibaraki Local Fish Project" since September 43 in cooperation with the Ibaraki Local Fish Dealer Certification Committee, and this product development is part of that.

 Associate Professor Yuko Iimura Seminar of the Department of Health and Nutrition, who is promoting the "Ibaraki Local Fish Project", will jointly develop "IBARAKI SABA CURRY" and "IBARAKI SABA TOMATO" with York-Benimaru in June 2021.Through the planning and sales of products using seafood from Ibaraki Prefecture, he has been working to eliminate the desire of young people to fish.

 The jointly developed "IBARAKI YARIIKA MARINADE" is the second version.Eight fourth-year students who belong to Associate Professor Hiroko Iimura's seminar were involved in product development, devising recipes, product names, and packaging.Boiled spear squid from Ibaraki Prefecture at a processing plant in Ibaraki Prefecture.Spear squid that maximizes its soft texture is marinated with lemon and orange, making it a refreshing and easy-to-eat dish.The selling price is 2 yen (tax included) and the content is 4g.Must be refrigerated with a shelf life of 8 days.

 At the sales event held on October 10th at the York-Benimaru Mito Motoyoshida store, fourth-year students who belong to seminars distributed 7 sample meals and promoted them.Mirian Kaneko, a fourth-year student in the Department of Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Sciences, reflected on the development process, saying, "We had a hard time deciding on the flavor. Adding lemon and orange made it easy for anyone to eat."

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Department of Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Sciences & York-Benimaru Jointly Developed Products Now on Sale 

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