From 2022:11 on Saturday, November 5, 15, the Okura Memorial Society for the Promotion of Arts and Sciences at Tokyo Keizai University will host Makoto Okada, Professor (Dean of Science), Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University (Dean of Science) and President of the Geological Society of Japan. We will hold an academic lecture titled "The Birth of the First Geological Chronology 'Chibanian' Named after a Place Name in Japan" with Mr.

 The Okura Memorial Society for Arts and Sciences is an organization responsible for Tokyo Keizai University's SDGs Development Goal 4, "Quality Education for All," with the aim of contributing educationally and culturally to the local community. It plans and holds academic lectures and artistic performances by leading artists and promising new artists.

 This academic lecture was given by Makoto Okada, who is known as a leading figure in the "Chibanian" certification. Titled "The Birth of the First Geological Chronology 'Chibanian' Named after a Place Name in Japan", she will discuss the unique characteristics of the strata of the Boso Peninsula that brought about the feat of using a place name in Japan for the first time as a geological chronology. Explain clearly.

 The approximately 46 billion years of earth's history are divided into 116 geological periods based on the traces left in the strata, and each geological period is based on the stratum with the best traces of the beginning in the world. It is named after the name of the area where the stratum is found. The "Chibanian period" refers to the Middle Pleistocene geological age (approximately 77.4 years ago to 12.9 years ago), based on the strata in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, which was selected as a GSSP by the International Union of Geological Sciences in January 2020. was named.

 The lecture will start at 11:5 on Saturday, November 15th.It will be held in Room B 2, Building 301, Kokubunji Campus.The capacity is 300 people on a first-come, first-served basis, and advance applications are accepted from the official website of Tokyo Keizai University.

Reference: [Tokyo Keizai University] November XNUMXth (Sat) Okura Memorial Society for the Promotion of Science, Academic Lecture “Birth of the first geological age “Chibanian” named after a place name in Japan” 

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