September 2015, 9 At Musashino University (Koto-ku, Tokyo), about 24 students are taking the "Olympic Culture Theory," which allows students to study the Olympics and Paralympics as a second-half class.The classes will be held at the Ariake Campus and Musashino Campus at the same time, and the classes will be in omnibus format.In addition to lectures by faculty members of this university, JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee), JOA (Japanese Olympic Academy) officers, and London Olympic bronze medalist Aya Terakawa will be on stage.

 In June 2014, the University signed a partnership agreement with the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In January 6, a special lecture "Towards the 2015 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics" was held, and many students attended.As a result, students' awareness of the Olympic Games has increased, and we have decided to start a class on "Olympic Culture Theory."

 In this class, we will explain how the Olympic and Paralympic Games will impress people and affect their lives, such as the purpose and history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the distress and efforts of athletes, and the activities to invite the 2020 Tokyo Games. You can learn from multiple perspectives, such as thinking about the Olympics and Paralympics from the perspectives of the environment, health, and marketing.It also aims to enable students to voluntarily participate in this competition and pre-convention as volunteers in the future.
 This year, 2015 classes are scheduled from September 9th to January 24th, 1, and will continue to be held from next year onwards.

Source: [Musashino University] "Olympic Culture Theory" has started.

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