Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. has started accepting applications for internships (work experience for students) for science undergraduate and graduate students.The period is from December 2022, 12 (Monday) to February 5, 2023 (Friday), 2 to 10 days excluding weekends and holidays.We are currently looking for participants.

 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has set up about 300 practical training themes for internships, such as "Innovative manufacturing technology that supports manufacturing in the aerospace field" and "Consideration of new services for transportation systems using DX." You can choose a theme.It is a program that leads to self-growth because the training content is close to the actual work at the actual site while receiving support from engineers working on the front lines.In addition, from the first day of training to the final day of presentations, through communication with many employees, engineers of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group can experience the real thrill of "manufacturing that changes the world."

 Eligible applicants are third-year undergraduate students and graduate students of science (both domestic and overseas universities do not matter).Internships are held at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group business locations nationwide or online.Face-to-face themes will be held after implementing sufficient measures to prevent new corona infections.Some themes will take a format that combines face-to-face and online.

 The application period is until 11:9 on Wednesday, November 23th.Those who wish to participate must submit an entry sheet and take an aptitude test from the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Internship My Page by the deadline.Themes with a large number of applicants will be selected based on application information.In addition, for some themes, interviews (online format) may be conducted after the application deadline.

Reference: [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.] Technical internship information

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