Nagahama University of Biotechnology will establish a scholarship student system in the 2023 general selection.Applicants must have a score of 70.0% or higher in the first semester A/B of the general selection process, and those who have passed a score of 65.0% or higher in the first semester A/B of the common university entrance examination.We guarantee tuition fees equivalent to national and public universities for 4 years.There is no upper limit on the number of people, and there is no review for continuation.

 If you use the new scholarship student system, the payment for the first year will be 164 yen (including the entrance fee of 83 yen) instead of the usual 5800 yen, which will be reduced by 25 yen.In addition, the tuition fee from the second year onwards is reduced from 80 yen to 4200 yen, which is 2 yen. If you use the special student system for four years, the tuition fee will be reduced or exempted to 151 yen, which is equivalent to the standard amount of national and public universities.

 There are two ways to be eligible for this special scholarship system in the general selection.For the first semester of general selection A and B, select from four methods: "high score 2 subject type", "science emphasis type", "common test combination type", and "70.0 subject type (clinical examination course)".In addition, the test venue can be selected from Nagahama Bio University, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Mie, Okayama (first semester A), Hamamatsu (first semester A), Hiroshima (first semester B), and Tokyo.

 The other is to be a successful applicant with a score rate of 65.0% or more in the "University Entrance Examination First Half A/B".The first semester A consists of 2 subjects and 3 subjects "mathematics 2 subjects + English and science (1 from physics, chemistry and biology)", the 3st semester B consists of 3 subjects and 1 subjects "mathematics and science (1 from physics, chemistry and biology) + English and Japanese" Take the exam in the high-scoring subject XNUMX of

 The entrance examination fee exemption system is also substantial, and if you apply to a national or public university, you can apply for a set of general selection and university entrance common test, and the entrance examination fee for the entrance examination using the university entrance common test will be free.・The entrance examination fee will be reduced by 2 yen if you apply for the B schedule at the same time.

 In addition, we have established a multi-department simultaneous application system that determines the pass/fail of two or more departments in one test, and a multiple-method judgment system that determines the pass/fail of two or three methods in one test.In addition, those who have completed the admission procedures and have passed the comprehensive selection and school recommendation selection (excluding special applications) can also challenge this new system.For the latest correct information, please check the homepage of Nagahama University of Biotechnology.

Reference: [Nagahama Bio University] Established a scholarship student system for general selection "You can study for 4 years with the same tuition as a public university!" 

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